Long-term Accommodation

Student Residencies

Student housing is offered to both local and international students who are studying in the San Francisco and San Francisco Bay areas. International students who do not have a credit history in the United States are required to provide an I-20 form or student identification issued by their school.

Students have the option to choose between a private room or a shared room that is shared with one other student. To apply for housing, students must fill out an application and submit it. A security deposit is also required, and the amount depends on the type of room chosen.

Long-term Residents (Non-students)

Long-term accommodation is available for individuals holding a J-1 or H-1 visa. Only private rooms are offered to long-term interns. To secure a room, a security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent is required.

  • Long-term accommodation is housing for anyone who possess a form of for U.S. citizens or Permanent residents, we run a credit check and a background check. The following application must be filled out and submitted along with $ 51 for the credit and background check.
  • Only private rooms are available for long-term for U.S. citizens and Permanent residents.
  • A security deposit equivalent to one monthe’s rent is required.

FAQ for Long-term stay and Student Housing

Are pets allowed?2023-03-01T13:35:03-08:00

No, not in dormitory rooms, only service dogs are allowed in private rooms.

Are the units furnished?2023-03-01T13:33:23-08:00

Yes, all of our units are furnished with one bed per person, a TV, a mini-fridge, a microwave, a dresser, and one desk and chair per person.

Are there any age restrictions?2023-03-01T13:32:06-08:00

Anyone under 18 is not permitted without being accompanied by a guardian. Anyone under 18 is not permitted without being accompanied by a guardian.

Do you provide a housekeeping service?2023-03-01T13:34:14-08:00

Yes, we provide weekly housekeeping service.

Do you provide internet or Wi-Fi and other amenities?2023-03-01T13:32:30-08:00

Yes, we provide free Wi-Fi, computer access, hair dryers, and irons.

Do you provide meals?2023-03-01T13:32:58-08:00

Yes, we provide free breakfast from 7 am to 10 am every morning. Breakfast includes waffles, cereal, oatmeal, milk, tea and coffee.

How can I make a reservation?2023-03-01T13:27:55-08:00

To make a reservation, you may contact us by phone, email, or in person at our hostel. You must pay a security deposit by either cash or credit card.

Is the security deposit refundable?2023-03-01T13:29:17-08:00

Yes, it is refundable by credit card only within 7 to 10 business days after check-out if there has been no damage to the room.

Is there a kitchen where we can cook?2023-03-01T13:33:50-08:00

Yes, a community kitchen is located on the first floor and we provide general kitchen amenities.

Is there a minimum or maximum stay?2023-03-16T14:42:27-07:00

There is no limit to the length of stay for long-term accommodation. However, the minimum duration for a long-term stay is 30 days or one month.

What amenities are provided in the rooms?2023-03-01T13:29:57-08:00

We provide linen sets, towels, mini-fridge, microwave, and TV.

What kind of room is available?2023-03-01T13:31:33-08:00

For long-term stays, only a single room is available and we allow no more than 2 adults in any one unit. Students will have two options a shared room and a single room. Please note that terms and conditions can be amended so for more details, please check with the front desk.

Where can I store my bike?2023-03-16T14:43:17-07:00

We offer a bicycle storage area for a fee that varies based on the size of the bike. Please inquire at the front desk for detailed pricing information.

Alternatively, you may choose to store your bike in your room, but not in any other area of the hostel. If you are staying in a shared room, you must first obtain permission from your roommate.

Who can stay as a long-term resident?2023-03-01T13:11:41-08:00

Anyone with a form of J-1, H-1 international students can apply for long-term residence.

Qualification and Acceptance Policy for long-term residence for US residents excluding international students.

This is the Qualification and Acceptance Policy for long-term residence for U.S. residents, excluding international students. We are an equal opportunity housing provider and allow no more than two adults in each unit.

All prospective tenants must be at least 18 years old and must complete a rental application and pay a nonrefundable screening fee of $30. Our screening process includes verifying information on the application, contacting previous and present rental owners for rental history, checking with employers, checking with financial institutions, and obtaining credit reports.

We accept the first application that meets our minimum requirements. An applicant meets our minimum requirements if they earn a gross monthly income that is equal to or greater than twice the monthly rent, have twelve months of verifiable income, are able to pay the required rent plus a key deposit of $25.00, present a valid picture ID, and have a favorable credit history.

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