Frequently Asked Questions for Hostel Guests

Are pets allowed?2023-03-16T14:29:27-07:00

Orange Village Hostel doesn’t allow pets. Only guide/service animals are permitted in the hostel with their owners

Are there any age restrictions?2023-03-01T15:16:40-08:00

Anyone under 18 is not permitted without being accompanied by an adult guardian. Guests under 16 with a guardian is permitted only in private rooms unless an entire dorm is rented. Parents with young children must contact the hostel prior to booking.

Are there any restrictions to stay at your hostel?2023-03-16T14:26:00-07:00

As an accommodation provider, we only accept travelers as guests and therefore, we can only accommodate individuals who reside outside of San Francisco county.

Can I bring my own sleeping bag?2023-03-01T15:17:06-08:00

Due to hygiene standards we ask that you to do not use your sleeping bags on our beds. Linens and blankets are provided to all guests and additional blankets can be acquired if needed.

Can I keep my bike at your hostel?2023-03-01T15:20:59-08:00

There is secured bike storage available at the hostel.

Can we store our bags before check-in or after check-out?2023-03-16T14:35:06-07:00

We offer complimentary storage for bags in our secure storage room until 9 pm, even on the check-in and check-out days. For small bags, there will be a charge of $3, and for large bags, a charge of $5 per bag after 9 pm. Guests may leave their luggage with us overnight for a maximum of three nights for a fee. It is important to keep in mind that if items are left unannounced for more than three days, we reserve the right to charge a service fee or dispose of them.

Can you guarantee that I get a bottom bunk?2023-03-16T14:27:41-07:00

We cannot assure you of a lower bunk as bed assignments are on a first-come, first-served basis. In case of conflicting requests for the same bunk, our front desk staff can mediate an official paper-scissors-rock or thumb wrestling match to determine who gets the preferred bunk.

Do I need a membership to stay at the hostel?2023-03-01T15:15:37-08:00

No membership is required to stay at our hostel.

Do I need any kind of identification to stay at the hostel?2023-03-16T14:26:51-07:00

International guests are required to present a valid passport for check-in, while US residents must show a government-issued identification such as a driver’s license or state ID card. Passports will not be accepted as a valid form of identification for US residents. Additionally, guests may be asked to provide proof of onward travel.

Please note that a P.O. Box or mailing address cannot be used as proof of residency and will not be accepted.

Do you have mixed dorms?2023-03-01T15:20:11-08:00

No, we do not, but if you come in as a group and request in advance that your group would like to rent the whole room together, we can make exceptions.

Do you have WiFi or computer access?2023-03-01T15:17:57-08:00

Free WiFi is included and provided throughout the entire building. A station with internet access is also available for guest use in the lobby.

Do you provide complimentary breakfast?2023-03-16T14:28:37-07:00

We have been offering complimentary breakfast again since February of 2023.

Do you provide lockers or a safe?2023-03-01T15:18:58-08:00

Lockers are included inside all of the dorm rooms, but locks are not provided. If you bring your own lock, please make sure to bring a small sized lock with a small shackle. Sensitive materials such as passports or wallets can also be held in the hostel safe by request. Please check with the front desk for assistance.

Do you provide transportation to and from the hostel?2023-03-01T15:20:33-08:00

We do not provide shuttle or transportation from or to the airport.

You may utilize the metro train called BART running from and to the airport for around $10 per rider.

There is also UBER or LYFT app that you can download and call.

Is there a kitchen where guests can cook?2023-03-01T15:19:50-08:00

Yes, a community kitchen is located on the first floor where breakfast is also served. Utensils and cooking wares are provided for use.

Is there a minimum or maximum stay?2023-03-01T15:16:10-08:00

There is no minimum stay, but our maximum stay is 14 consecutive days. If you would like to stay longer than 14 days, you will need to contact us in advance. Please e-mail us at info@orangevillagehostel.com
[Other possibility: If you would like to stay longer than 14 days, please see our FAQ for Long-term Accommodation.]

What amenities are provided in a dorm?2023-03-01T15:12:56-08:00

We provide sheets, linens, a small towel, blanket, and a pillow. Large towels can be requested at the front desk for an additional $1 dollar charge. Extra sheets are provided free of charge.

What amenities are provided in a private room?2023-03-16T14:21:45-07:00

We provide sheets, linens, a small towel, blanket, and a pillow. Large towels can be requested at the front desk for an additional $1 dollar charge. Extra sheets are provided free of charge.

For secure storage, backpack-sized lockers are available within the room, and roll-out containers located beneath the beds offer additional storage options.

What grooming amenities are provided?2023-03-01T15:18:20-08:00

Hair dryers can be requested at the front desk and a clothing iron is available for use in our laundry facility.

What is the definition of a “service animal”?2023-03-16T14:32:04-07:00

At Orange Village Hostel, “service animals” refer exclusively to dogs and miniature horses that have been individually trained to perform tasks or work for the benefit of a guest with a disability, whether it be physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or another type of mental disability. It is important to note that under the Americans with Disabilities Act, dogs that are only meant to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals.

What tours and activities do you offer?2023-03-16T14:24:58-07:00

We offer discounted bike rentals for exploring the Golden Gate Bridge and National Parks. If you have any particular interests, please don’t hesitate to inquire with us as we may have discounts or recommendations available. We regret to inform you that we no longer provide tours of San Francisco and Northern California, including Yosemite National Park, Muir Woods, and Wine Country.

Where can I park my car?2023-03-16T14:23:36-07:00

There are two parking spaces available for loading and unloading, with a maximum duration of 30 minutes.

For extended parking, such as overnight stays, guests will be directed to a nearby parking facility that is conveniently located within a short one or two-minute walk. The facility charges parking fees ranging from $38 to $45 per night, with prices subject to change during holidays or events.

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